Skatta Burrell Shares Jamaica’s Number One Problem

Skatta Burrell was this week’s guest on The Fix.

The accomplished producer and entertainment practitioner joined the crew and extensively explained his anti-religion stance and his numerous spats on social media, including a noted heated exchange with Bounty Killer.

Skatta also revealed that Religion is Jamaica’s number one problem.

Earlier this week Skatta Burrell blasted the Bounty Killer for what he claims is helping to promote a belief system created by the slave masters to keep black people enslaved.

In a lengthy post, Skatta called upon the veteran entertainer to “educate himself” before speaking about God and Christianity, implying that the deejay was making a fool of himself with his recent religious proclamations.

Bounty Killer did not take kindly to the comments and took to Instagram blasting the producer saying “Skatta… I mean, Chatta Burrell, made a live video and started to run his mouth off because you know he likes attention and wants to be relevant by calling up people name.”

Watch Skatta Burrell’s recent interview below.

Source: Skatta Burrell Shares Jamaica’s Number One Problem | The Tropixs

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