Mavado Recovers Some of His Millions From Corrupt Lawyer

MavadoMavado’s bank account just got a little bit fatter.

The Gullyside singjay has recovered some of his lost millions from accused corrupt real estate lawyer, Jennifer Messado. Mavado was defrauded over $31 million by Messado in a real estate deal that went bad. The dancehall singer, who recently returned to Jamaica after being overseas for a few months, says the amount that the attorney owes him is now less than $20 million. Vado’s attorney, Tamika Harris, confirmed that the funds were paid over in two installments.

“She decided to pay that amount, she didn’t receive orders from the court,” said Harris. “We have already received some of the money, so now the amount is less than $20 million that she needs to pay.”

Harris filed a civil suit against Messado after she sold her client a property for $30.7 million, which later turns out to be a fraudulent sale because the owner of the property says it was never for sale. Mavado, real name David Brooks, is one of several persons that the well-known real estate attorney defrauded.

Messado is currently before the courts facing a number of fraud charges that could send her to prison for several years. She was also disbarred, and a public notice was issued for persons to stop doing business with her.

Source: Mavado Recovers Some of His Millions From Corrupt Lawyer – Urban Islandz

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