Jamaican Blogger Who Made Colorist Comments About Spice Issues Apology

Esther Rowe, a Jamaican blogger who made colorist comments directed to Spice in 2016 has issued an apology.

Following the release of Spice’s new ‘Black Hypocrisy’ music video, Rowe took to her Facebook page to publish a public apology to the Dancehall entertainer.

“I listened to how she  felt after the Video I made about spice bashing her. In 2016 I wasn’t as “woke” as I am now. So I degraded and humiliated SPICE. I said “she wah two tups a bleach inna her water.”,” Rowe wrote. “Honestly, in the back of my mind I was speaking about her attire, how her clothes didn’t compliment her etc etc. I didn’t realize how color prejudice in the video I was until today, how here I was promoting self hate and telling the black woman that her MELANIN wasn’t good enough, that she was too black and her blackness didn’t make her beautiful.”

“It broke my heart when I watched the BLACK HYPOCRISY VIDEO and heard her quote the old me. The truth is, I damn near cried. I couldn’t believe that my actions was the cause to someone feeling so torn about their skin complexion.”

“ME!! Yes ME Esther Rowe. I’m not that girl anymore but she was me! For years I disregarded the video because I didn’t understand how offensive it was. How many BLACK JAMAICAN WOMEN took my video to heart. How many women felt as though I was apart of the problem. Black hypocrisy has really given me a wake up call. BE CAREFUL OF THE THINGS YOU SAY TO PEOPLE. Some people will take it to the core of their heart and commit suicide, develop drinking and smoking problems. Be careful of what you say and how you say it because it can cause a persons demise. So to Spice Grace Hamilton and to all the beautiful black queens. I hope you will find it somewhere in your heart to forgive me. I am truly, genuinely, sincerely sorry for the trauma I added to your life. I wish I could take the video back but unfortunately I can’t. Again, I apologize.,” she added.

Esther Rowe’s post got the attention of Spice who accepted her apology via Instagram.

Source: Jamaican Blogger Who Made Colorist Comments About Spice Issues Apology | The Tropixs

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