Foota Hype Begs Loyal Fans To Buy Him New Phone

Dancehall selector Foota Hype has confirmed that a GoFundMe page asking for donations towards the purchase of his new cell phone is legitimate. The controversial figure told THE STAR that although he has the means to purchase a new device to facilitate the smooth flow of his Instagram Live feed, he chose to go the crowdfunding route to test how many of his 136,000 followers are loyal.

Speaking with THE STAR about the move, the selector explained that as an entertainer, he is providing a public service through his Instagram Live feed and believes it is only reasonable that those who really want to stay tuned to his highly anticipated live feed purchase the device for him.

“I’m an entertainer and people check into my life for entertainment. As of recently, my live feed a stick, not because of data or nothing, but because the phone probably overloaded or it overworked. Now, if they (followers) are entertained by my life so much and there is an issue with the phone … If yuh love something so much, yuh supposed to be willing to invest in it,” he said.

“So, me say to myself, make me test who are true, loyal supporters of Foota Hype live. If me have 136,000 followers and the live a stick stick and it a bother unuh and unuh can’t get to see the live properly a 1,000 out of that 136,000 (followers) to give $1 and me have a phone enuh.”


As absurd as the entertainer’s reasoning may sound to some, the page set up for donations has already collected more than US$300 (J$40,195.56) of the US$1,000 (J$133,985.20). In two days, 17 persons have donated US$319 (J$42,741.27) towards the purchase of a new phone for the entertainer, some donating as much as US$50 (J$6,699.26).

The entertainer said that he doesn’t frequently check the page to see if his target is being met because as soon as it has been reached, his followers will notify him that they’ve met his request. Well aware of the possible criticisms he may face because of this move, Foota Hype stressed that the crowdfunding option is only for those who are true fans of his live feed. For those who aren’t fans and do not see his logic, the selectors said they should simply ignore the page and his request.

Pointing out that he is a man of his word if nothing else, the entertainer said that as soon as he gets to his US$1,000 mark, he will make good on his promise of purchasing the cell phone for the live feed.

Source: Foota Hype begs loyal fans to buy him new phone | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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