Conkarah Explores Global Entertainment Scenes

Jamaica-born reggae singer Conkarah has been residing in Colombia for the past two months (first in Cali, then in Medellin), a move which he says has been rewarding in terms of producing new music.

He has recorded two songs with Spanish lyrics, one with a Venezuelan pop star, Juan Miguel.

The songs, Hola and Que Se Repita, which translates to “a repeat” in English, will be released officially along with the music video in November.

“I have lived in different cities, including Brisbane in Australia, Los Angeles (USA) and London (England); I usually spend three months to a year in these cities,” Conkarah said. “I use it as a base to targeting surrounding countries and places I want to perform in. This is exactly what I’m doing in Colombia right now and I love it!”

Since the release of the singer’s Excita EP in June, he has been seeking out ways to connect with entertainers across the world to expose new cultures to the Jamaican genre.

The 23-minute compilation features seven tracks which he describes as “not the typical reggae one-drop songs”, except Best Friend, which features Tanya Stephens.

“It has been well received, but the way I measure the success of my songs is not through charts, it is through numbers views and plays,” he said.

He said those are more appropriate indications of the number of persons that continue to support his music.

He was more excited that he has surpassed 550,000 subscribers on YouTube and more than 30 million streams on Spotify.

Conkarah’s previous EPs, Don’t Kill My Love and Timeless Love, charted on the Billboard Reggae album chart at the number seven and number four spots, respectively.

The Runaway singer expressed that he “travels to spread good vibes and love through my music”.

He heads off to Costa Rica and Tahiti next.

“I get the most satisfaction from immersing myself in the different cultures and connecting with people,” he concluded.

Source: Conkarah explores global entertainment scenes | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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