Buying Views Makes No Sense, Says Ding Dong

With the issue of entertainers allegedly ‘buying views’ becoming a hot topic on the local music circuit, Ding Dong believes that the practice, if it’s happening, makes no sense.

In a recent interview with music industry insider Donovan Watkis on his Top Form podcast, the artiste described the buying of views as “whack and cheatish”.

The Cha Cha Bwoy deejay warned artistes that buying views could be detrimental.

“Me nah do none a dem thing deh when it come on to mi music because guess wah, yuh buy dem ting deh, and when yuh look, yuh have 10 million views but when yuh go inna one country out deh so or one corner over deh so go perform the song, everybody just stand up a look pan yuh. So it nah match,” he said. “If me have this impact now wid Cha Cha Bwoy or Fling and every whey yuh go yuh see people a get mad, dat a show why di songs get dem views deh. Nuff a dem don’t have da match-up deh.”

Ding Dong said that the industry needs to get its act together.

“I remember one year, it was Youth View Awards and people had to vote, and I see people buy phone cards to give to people in their community to vote for them, and I was like, this is the biggest cheat because if you doing something or if you nominated in something where the fans supposed to elect whosoever should win by voting, why yuh a go buy phone card gi di people dem?” he questioned.

He added: “People a do things for views now, but how much views yu get only relevant for a short time. I want to make sure say when me have 10 million views pan a song, it show. Any weh me go go sing it, it supposed to get a forward.”

Ding Dong had the No. 1 trending video on YouTube until earlier this week when his labelmate Teejay took over the top spot. The Cha Cha Bwoy video, which was released on October 5, has already amassed more than half a million views.

Source: Buying views makes no sense, says Ding Dong | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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