Vanessa Bling Now Vanessa… Signs With Akon’s Wife

Vanessa Slim aka Vanessa Bling is now signed with Akon’s wife and works in the studio in Atlanta from Sunday to Sunday.

She is moving on with her career, and has been transitioning from Vanessa Bling now Vanessa. She is changing her sound, leaving hard core songs behind and doing more singing. She is now looking like an international artiste even though she will not be showing skin and she is glad that manager likes her look.

She says the energy between her and the persons who she is signed with now is very good. The artiste believes she will be the Jamaican superstar to be just like Rihanna from Barbados, and Nicki Minaj from Trinidad.

She says Vybz Kartel is her favorite artiste and he always told her that she is a big star and she expects this EP she is promoting now to do well on the Billboard chart.

She says Vybz Kartel made it possible for her to be doing what she is doing now, and she is very grateful to him.

She has managed to buy a home for her mother and a place for herself and she is determined to rise to the top.

It seems as though she has put the experience she had when she got caught up in the Vybz Kartel murder case, it was said that she conspired to falsify evidence to protect Kartel. She says she prays for the incarcerated artiste and she looks forward to seeing him again one day.

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