Popcaan a Professional Actor, The Intent 2

The Intent 2 is now in cinemas in the UK. Popcaan acted as a charismatic character whose name is Soursop and he performed like the actors who have been acting for a long time. He remembered his lines did everything in a very professional way.

The directors were in Jamaica to film a part of the film as they liked the Hype Williams film and wanted to do something similar, with the Jamaican dancehall scene and the they also wanted to capture the natural beauty of the island.

The directors believe the film will attract a huge audience as the well known British actors are now acting alongside an established Jamaican Dancehall àrtiste . This is the first time Popcaan acted in a film and it seems as though he will be acting in many more if we think about what the directors are saying about his skills.

Source: Popcaan a Professional Actor, The Intent 2 | | yardhype.com

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