Nesbeth’s Album Available For Pre-Order September 28

Reggae artiste Nesbeth has announced the release date for his debut album, ‘A.M.E.N’.

The compilation, which is named after his late wife Ann-Marie Elliott-Nesbeth, is slated for an official release on October 26, but will be available for pre-order on all major digital platforms on September 28.

Over the past few months, the My Dream singer has been completing the 12-track project. He told THE WEEKEND STAR that the album will have a little something for everyone as he prides himself on making music that includes all people.

Late last week, the singer decided to whet the appetite of fans via his Instagram account by unveiling the official album cover art along with a lyric video and 30-second visual trailer for the first track, Remove My Enemies.

He explained that he wants the album to touch as many people as possible and make a lasting impact on a personal level.

“I don’t even look at the sales part. Of course, without getting the sales the album won’t push past a certain point. But I just put in the work and let the work do the rest,” he said. “What I really want for this album is for it to be considered among the best. I want it to represent the music in such a way that it is considered among the other albums out there carrying the torch for reggae music.”

He said the album “has the ability to touch everyone that listens.

“There is nothing fabricated on this album, everything came together because of the natural vibration. The album will speak of love, it will speak of joy, sorrow, and will just make you feel all kinds of emotions,” he said. “My music is about real-life issues, social commentary and topical matters presented in a clean and conscious manner that people from all ethnicities and spheres of life can appreciate without losing the authenticity of that natural reggae vibe.”

Source: Nesbeth’s album available for pre-order September 28 | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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