Rygin King Says Alkaline Is Soft And Not In His League

Alkaline and Rygin King beefRygin King is making it clear that he thinks Alkaline is not in his league.

Rygin King is one of the hottest new artists in dancehall currently and is among a new wave of artists from Montego Bay making a big impact on Jamaica’s popular music scene. After breaking onto the scene with a slew of hits, King is now finding himself in beefs with other young acts in the genre like Alkaline. Earlier this month he released a new single “Legacy” where he took a jab at Alkaline. Fast forward a few weeks, and he is again igniting a feud with the Vendetta deejay.

On Monday, Rygin King went on Instagram Live to chop things up with his fans, and someone asked him about Alkaline. Another fan wrote, “Can’t compare him to Alkaline, Alkaline no in a him league.”

King noticed the comment and offloaded some stuff off his chest. “Them boy no in a we league mama,” he said. “Woman yo don’t see a VVS on my neck, drip drip tell me a tell you that. Yes them not in we league just believe me.”

Rygin King could just be saying that he has more girls than Alkaline, like the famous saying in Jamaica goes, am a bigger gallis than he is. On the flip, the “Tuff” deejay could just be saying that he is a better artist that Alka. Whatever point he is making it is sure to get a response from the Vendetta clan.

Source: Rygin King Says Alkaline Is Soft And Not In His League – Urban Islandz

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