Pamputtae Lashes Back At Critics

Dancehall artiste Pamputtae has been touching the lives of young women across the globe with her new song, ‘Single Mothers’.

The track, which is dedicated to all the women raising children on their own because of absentee fathers, even earned the endorsement of US hip-hop artiste Foxy Brown upon its release. Despite the song’s positive message, the singer has been met with some amount of criticism on social media.

Some users believe that Pamputtae’s position as a single mother came from her own doing, as her second son was the product of her being involved with a married man. The singer has long ignored the social media comments, but, on the weekend, she decided to break her silence on the issue, pointing out that regardless of the circumstances under which children are brought into the world, it is the responsibility of both their parents to ensure their well-being.


In a video posted on her Instagram page, the entertainer said that children are a blessing. She also said that as innocent souls who did not ask to be here, children should not suffer because a relationship did not work out.

Speaking with THE STAR subsequent to that post, Pamputtae said that she felt the need to address the negative social media users because the song’s message was beginning to be overshadowed by some of her personal decisions.

“Even if me breed fi somebody husband or somebody man or whatsoever, that shouldn’t be people’s focus. This is a song about what mothers go through with her children when a man decides to walk away,” she said. “One hand can’t clap, and the children are innocent. A we as adults go trouble dem, so me don’t think dem supposed to suffer because of our decisions.”

The entertainer also expressed that those dishing out criticisms regarding her personal life should not be so quick to chastise her because they do not know the entire story. Pamputtae added that there are many women and men who get involved with someone else’s significant other at some point in their lives. She explained that in most of these situations the relationships are expected to work out because promises are made.

“No one knows what the future holds. Sometimes we find ourselves in some relationship we never expect, and we think things are going to work out, but they don’t. But because they don’t and children come into play, while things a fall apart don’t mean the children should suffer,” she said.

With that said, the entertainer noted that she is not giving the negativity anymore life. She said that Single Mothers has been motivating women across the globe to keep trying with their children.

Source: Pamputtae lashes back at critics | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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