Mixed Reviews To Kartel’s ‘Real Bad Gal’ Video

Just days after the music video for his song Real Bad Gal was released, some critics are labelling Vybz Kartel and his team as irresponsible and accusing them of promoting sexually charged visuals of minors.

The music video, directed by Ivar Wigan, came under harsh criticism after a particular scene comprised a group of children gyrating and dancing in a mature nature to the hit single.

In the three-minute-long video, a little girl was seen splitting on the floor while another showcased her version of the ‘bruk back’ dance which was designed and intended for a mature audience.

“Me love the song but me no like the video … too much pickney inna it. The little girls wining and splitting is what is wrong with Jamaica today. Dancehall fans too hypocritical! If it was another artiste video you would call it for what it is … disturbing!” one viewer said.

“Reflection of reality or not, this video should not be promoting/showing little kids (girls) dancing like that, and that’s the truth. You know better, you do better. Normalising this type of behaviour through music videos is not the way to go.” PS: I grew up around these things, so don’t come for me with that ‘Yuh don’t understand how wi grow up man’, another critic stated.

However, other viewers are of the opinion that the video was artistic and reflected the harsh realities of the inner-city culture, with others even stating that it’s ‘innocent’ fun.

“When I was smaller, we used to keep birthday parties all the time and kids dance and wine and enjoy themselves and everyone just laugh. And I’m sure it happens everywhere else in Jamaica and it’s just laughter. This video is a reflection of how Jamaica is and full of enjoyment,” a Vybz Kartel fan said.

Source: Mixed reviews to Kartel’s ‘Real Bad Gal’ video | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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