Did Rygin King Take Shots At Alkaline In New Song?

Alkaline and Rygin KingRygin King drops a hot new banger, and some dancehall fans think he is taking shots at Alkaline.

Dancehall music has been relatively quiet these days when it comes to artists beefing, so maybe some fans are hungry for some fresh rivalry, or they are just reaching with this one. Montego Bay’s new sensation Rygin King link up with Lee Milla for a hot new single called “Legacy” some Vendetta fans thinks he is throwing shade at Alkaline.

There is a line in the song where King sings about not taking sides and we all know that one Alkaline has a hot new single called “Pick Unuh Side.” “The boy them go round me naan get a next time inno / Out here a do me own thing and me no pick side,” the Mobay deejay spits.

“This yute just buss and already a try style Alkaline don’t make the little fame and money get to your head too quick. Vendetta will kill yo,” one fan wrote.

Rygin King is one of the most popular new artists in dancehall and is among a new wave of artists from Montego Bay dominating dancehall locally. Alkaline, on the other hand, build his name with a slew of hits over the past few years and in May of this year he released a song “Pick Unuh Side” on Chimney Records’ new project Rice Grain Riddim.

“Alright Alright done tell them pick, Unuh side / Stick to it and member say as unuh slip, Unuh slide / If them nuh dey pon the badness kick, Them out athe ride,” Alka deejays.

Sources inside Rygin King camp told Urban Islandz that the line in the song is not about Alkaline and there is no beef between the two artists.

Source: Did Rygin King Take Shots At Alkaline In New Song? – Urban Islandz

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