Cham Putting Out New Album performed at Reggae Sumfest recently, but he has been on tour as he found out that having a touring career is good, as the fans who like his music won’t pressure him for anything new, so he doesn’t need to have a current hit song. He only takes a break from touting when Janet begs him to stay home he said during an interview.

The artiste is now putting out a new album, he stayed away from his family for three weeks so he could concentrate on writing the songs. He is glad to be working with Dave Kelly of Mad House Records, the same producer that he has been working with when his career started at age 15. He has not forgotten how many producers turned him down before Dave Kelly gave him a chance.

The new album is almost complete, he has done his part and he is waiting on Dave to do the rest of the work.
Cham’s “Lawless” clothing line is now available and he might be putting out a song he calls “Kings Son from Kingston” soon.

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