Beenie Man Speaks On Alleged Involvement In Bogle’s Murder

Beenie Man interviewBeenie Man has broken his silence on his alleged involvement in legendary dancehall dancer Bogle’s death.

Last week, another legend in the dance world, Labba Labba, made some damning allegations against Beenie Man whom he said is responsible for Bogle’s death. The dancehall legend is making it clear that he has nothing to do with the dancer’s death. This is not the first time that Beenie has come under scrutiny over the 2005 murder. At the time, he had to leave the island for a few months because his life was in danger.

During a sit down with Winford Williams on OnStage this weekend, Beenie Man once again denied the allegation and blast Labba Labba. “No entertainers and no artist is above getting charge for murder in Jamaica or be convicted,” the Doc said. “The police did their thorough investigation. They questioned who they should question, and they never questioned me, I was never brought to a police station, there is no evidence pointing to show that I was involved in any way at all.”

Beenie Man is also alleging that someone paid Labba Labba to lie about his involvement in Bogle’s murder so that they could sabotage his Summer Sizzle show. “Labba Labba is a man that don’t do anything for his life, them man there move from boss to boss and people to people, that man is my don and that man,” Beenie added. “Any man can manipulate Labba Labba, give him some money and say “say this’ and show him on camera doing it because them man there is nothing.”

Beenie Man says he is not paying Labba Labba or the haters any mind because they are just trying to tear down his career. The dancehall icon says it’s a clear setup because the video came out only two days before his Summer Sizzle show.

Bogle, who is widely regarded as the king of dancing, was shot and killed in January 2005 after leaving a party. He was at a gas station when he was murdered in a hail of bullets by men riding motorcycles.

Source: Beenie Man Speaks On Alleged Involvement In Bogle’s Murder – Urban Islandz

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