‘Personality Haffi Up Deh’ – Shenseea Describes Her Ideal Man

STAR of the Month Shenseea has caught the eye of many men across the globe.

She was even subjected to some glorious photoshopping earlier this year as men inserted images of themselves in her photos, no doubt dreaming they were beside her in reality.

While she found the pictures quite funny, Shenseea is very serious about the type of man she is interested in.

Pointing out that looks are perhaps the last thing she observes in a man, the Pan Mi singer revealed that she’s big on personality and wants to be with someone who is selfless, reliant and makes her smile.

“My ideal guy has to have a sweet personality. No matter how you look, once your personality up deh and it’s what I’m looking for when it comes on to kindness, compassion, how you treat yourself and others, you will get my attention,” she said.

But she does have one preference as it relates to physical appearance.

“I love dark-skinned men,” she said, laughing. “I don’t know, me just like dem.” The entertainer said she is currently dating but would hold off on the labels for now.

Pointing out that she’s also a stickler for guys with ambition, Shenseea said she cannot date someone who does not have vision or set goals.

“I am very serious about how you are about your work, because ambition is a must. You have to know what you want out of life, you have to have a goal and when you achieve that goal, you set a new goal; and it’s ongoing,” she said.

The entertainer has a two-year-old son, but said she isn’t necessarily looking for someone with ‘father qualities’, because it is hard to tell if a man has those characteristics.

“I’m speaking from experience. you can’t look at someone and know if they have father qualities, so for me, it’s really all about your personality. Personality beats everything to me.”

She is also not keen on dating men in the industry.

“When it comes on to music, I don’t talk to males; management deal wid dem straight and I don’t mind it, because when you associate yourself with too many people, rumours start going around when nothing is even going on and I am not about that,” she expressed. “You notice unu nuh hear me all about the place. I don’t even know how they are in that type of way. If is not on a business level, I don’t get to know any of them.”

She also addressed rumours that she’s romantically involved with her boss, Romeich Major. Shenseea simply said she is not the woman who sleeps with a man to get to where she wants.

“If I am even gonna have sex with somebody, I’m not gonna do it to get somewhere, that’s not me. So even if people a go say me and Romeich deh and whatever, it would never be to elevate myself.”

Source: STAR of the Month: ‘Personality haffi up deh’ – Shenseea describes her ideal man | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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