Mr Vegas Calls Konshens House Slave

Mr Vegas has labelled fellow dancehall artiste Konshens, a ‘house nigga’ and a mulatto. The ushered-out Mr Vegas, apparently stung by criticisms about his commentary at the much-talked-about Braemar Avenue in St Andrew shooting on Monday, took to Facebook to clap back at his critics, among them Konshens.

“He’s not on the side of the poor,” Mr Vegas said of Konshens.

In an earlier message posted on social media, purportedly from Konshens, read: “To my friends in JA with licensed firearms, if somebody jump on you and try to take your weapon, please shoot them the first chance you get. I would prefer to get the news that you shot someone than the news saying someone took your gun and shot you.”

In the message, persons were urged not to attack anyone with a gun and try to disarm them. Onlookers with cell phones were also urged to help diffuse the situation instead of standing by, hoping to capture the moment.

Mr Vegas, who captured Monday’s incident on his cell phone, took offence to the message.


“So we have the house niggas dem running around crying for blood, and we have the mulattos like Konshens. He’s not on the side of the poor. We know the offsprings of the slave master; we know that you have more of the slave master genes so the dominant part of your genes is not from the African side,” Mr Vegas said.

“Let me tell you something, mulatto, recessive genes, nuff a di ghetto youth dem tired a di kick down, the box down and at some point dem a go try retaliate. Because unu have unu money now, unu nuh care bout dem.”

The term mulatto originated out of the plantation society. He refers to people born of one white parent and one black parent. The majority of the house slaves were mulattoes, and they had more privileges than the blacks.

The security guard at the centre of matter has alleged that he was kidnapped, assaulted at the property and that the videos, which have gone viral, do not show what was done to him at the premises. He told THE WEEKEND STAR that after he got shot, the only thing that went through his mind was that he “was not going to die like a p&%$y”.

Meanwhile, Mr Vegas, apparently trying to drive home his point that humans can make irrational decisions, pointed to the unfortunate death of Konshens’ brother two years ago.

“When your brother snapped and gave it in, and throw in the towel, do you know what your brother was going through why he did that? I sympathised with the situation. I had empathy, so we don’t know why a youth snap. Maybe the youth just had enough like how your brother had enough,” Vegas said. “So you coming and talking about any man jump pan a man and try take him gun, you were not there, you don’t know what happened before, but we understand because you had to prove to massa that you were one of them. You’re just another mulatto trying to tear down another man.”

THE WEEKEND STAR attempted to contact Konshens for a response, but was unsuccessful.

Source: Mr Vegas calls Konshens house slave | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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