Five Things Shenseea Can’t Live Without

In getting to know the STAR of the Month, Shenseea, The WEEKEND STAR asked the sensational young dancehall artiste to reveal the top five things she cannot live without.

While there are some predictable and understandable responses, there is one that may raise eyebrows.

Shenseea’s vital five are:

1. My son. If mi eva think seh supm happen with my son, mi just start break down, instantly. That’s how I know this is a different type of love. I’ve never felt this way. When it come on to my son, I’m, very, very emotional.

2. I cannot live without pepper. Mi eye haffi a run. Mi ears, mi nose. Yes, a me dat.

3. My phone.

4. I can’t live without rice.

“Mi nuh fi seh dah next one deh,” the sexy deejay joked, before obliging her final answer …

5. My toy … My toy is a personal hobby for me.

Source: STAR of the Month: Five things Shenseea can’t live without | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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