D’angel Sets The Record Straight About Her Divorce From Beenie Man

Dancehall’s First Lady D’angel has set the record straight when it comes on to the relationship between her and her ex husband Beenie Man aka Moses Davis in an interview recently. She says she is getting annoyed with the persons who are talking about her personal life and speculating about her relationship with Beenie, saying they are together or they are not together.

She wants everyone to know that the divorce is final, but he is still the father of her son. She doesn’t want any friction to develop between them as being a good mother and setting good examples for her son, is very important for her.

Whenever she is with Beenie Man she takes photos and have good conversations, she says. She will even be on his show “Summer Sizzle” as it is one of the many shows she will be performing at this summer.

D’angel is going hard as she tours and performs in North America and Jamaica. She still does a bit of modeling and she is featured in a Magazine as well. She even has a video that went viral as she modeled a unique outfit that had a over coat that was made from plastic. The dancehall artiste is booked and busy as she is determined to have a great career.

She spoke about her catalogue of songs and how her fans are talking about her inspirational songs, as they say they have had life changing experiences because of her music. One of her latest tracks “I’m So Blessed” is doing well for her and she is having fun as she enjoys life and all the rolls she is involved in at the moment.

Source: D’angel Sets the Record Straight About Her Divorce from Beenie Man | | yardhype.com

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