Tony Matterhorn Reminds Jah Cure That He Was A Nobody Before Prison

Comparing Busy Signal and Vybz Kartel’s lock-up to Jah Cure’s, Matterhorn points out that the Cure was a nobody before going to prison “actually it was a selector DJ Liquid who make you voice in Prison” stating that ZJ liquid hooked him up with Don Carleon to voice “Behind these Prison walls” hit song.

Otherwise from Sean Paul and Wayne Marshall Matterhorn states that all other artistes including Jah Cure was poor before turning a celeb.”i know when you guys came uptown” in-sighting that Jah Cure is not from uptown hence he should not brag about being rich.

Bad Comments online:
One person commented saying “All if him apologized I am not going to play a song for that mf again”, while another stated “Pure hype dat rasta hype like him figet rasta culture,trim and b u and stop hide behind di lox,sasco a more rasta than you and him a bald head”

Good Comments online:
“Leave the man alone , and stop bad mind the youth.” a Jah Cure fan stated while another said “when the very selectors gave him their support,they were aware of his past and still supported him, So let’s not be hypocritical or else he should have been put on blacklist from them, so let’s jus not go deep with certain things and just deal with one love”

“Yuh betta plant Goat and Plant Chicken enuh” an upset Tony stated after hearing Jah Cure saying that selectors dont matter, is the fans matter.

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