Spice And Tokyo Vanity Got Into Another Fight On Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

Spice and Tokyo Vanity got into another huge fight on the new episode of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta.

If you have been keeping up with Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta then you would’ve known that Spice is a big hit on the reality show franchise. The dancehall diva signed on as a supporting cast member for season seven of the show and judging from the response she has been getting, she could return as a full cast member for next season.

Turns out that Spice is dating Tokyo Vanity’s ex-boyfriend Tabius and that’s where the hatred between the two ladies originates. On this episode, Sierra and Mimi Faust invited Spice and Tokyo out to brunch and immediately you could see the tension between the two ladies who drop shade on each other.

Things quickly escalated when Spice made a crude comment about Tokyo’s weight. Last weekend the clip went viral on social media and triggered a flurry of memes of Spice expression after she told Tokyo that she doesn’t want anything else to eat. Tokyo then threw her purse at the blue-haired dancehall star and lunge at her. Security acted quickly to separate the two ladies who clearly wanted to snatch each other’s weaves.

Source: Spice and Tokyo Vanity Got Into Another Fight On Love & Hip Hop Atlanta – Urban Islandz

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