Mavado Son Still In Police Custody Could Face Murder Charge

Mavado-sonMavado’s teenage son Dantay Brooks is still in police custody and could face murder-related charges.

The dancehall singer is currently overseas despite being wanted for questioning by police for a recent murder in Cassava Piece believed to be a reprisal killing. However, his cousin Chase Cross was re-arrested on Monday and slapped with assault charges for his involvement in the initial dispute in the community that leads to the shooting incident. Now we’re told that cops continued to interrogate the singjay’s 17-year-old son about the killing.

Mavado‘s son was recently transferred to a juvenile detention center in Kingston where he is currently being held for questioning. However, the singer’s attorney, Tamika Harris, is currently working to have the younger Brooks released from police custody. There is no indication when Mavado will return to the island, but his attorney assured investigators that he has every intention to meet with them.

Mavado is currently a United States residence, so he is not obligated to return to Jamaica unless law enforcement officials seek to have him extradited which could be a lengthy process. In the meantime, his son may be in some serious legal trouble if he is charged in relation to the gruesome murder of Lorenza Thomas in Cassava Piece last week. Thomas was shot, chopped and his body light on fire by armed men who kicked in the door to his home.

Thomas may have been one of the men that shoot after Mavado in Cassava Piece two weekends ago.

Source: Mavado Son Still In Police Custody Could Face Murder Charge – Urban Islandz

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