Mavado Looks To Defend Son’s Innocence At All Cost

As Jamaica awaits the faith of Mavado’s son, the Gully side entertainer is making it clear that he will be going the extra mile to get his son freed! “He is distraught and a little perturbed,” Mavado’s Lawyer told the Jamaica Observer. According to his attorney “He is maintaining that the allegation against his son is not true, and he is willing to go at lengths to defend his son,”.

On the other hand Detectives from the Criminal Investigation Branch’s (CIB) Major Investigation Division (MID) have charged another suspect 23-year-old Andre Hinds with the June 5 murder of Lorenzo Thomas in Cassava Piece, St Andrew. Both hinds and Mavado’s son where expected to appear in court yesterday june 18 however no info has come forward as yet with regards to its proceedings.

Sources revealed recently that Mavado seems to be making plans to return to the island to be questioned by the police after he missed the deadline that was set before, however no date have been confirmed.

Mavado was shot at when he visited the island recently and he reported the incident to the police. There was an argument and reported physical altercation between Mavado and an individual, after which a group of men was brought to the scene by the man and Mavado was shot at, but he escaped unhurt.

Someone is being held at the Constant Spring Police Station because of the shooting. Some 3 persons have died in the community since.

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