J’cans Are Intrigued By My Style – Jada Kingdom

Jada Kingdom is being touted by many as one to watch out for, and if the buzz surrounding her latest single and music video is anything to go by, the world better get ready.

In less than a week after its release, the video for Best You Ever Had (B.Y.E.H) received more than 150,000 views on YouTube, and peaked at the number one spot on the site’s coveted trending list.

This isn’t the first time that a song by Kingdom has trended or racked up thousands of views on YouTube in a short period of time. Her song, Wull On, which was released a little more than two months ago is almost at 400,000 views, while Unwanted is almost at 500,000 views after being released five months ago. Love Situations, her debut video, has received more than two million views in 10 months.

Speaking with THE WEEKEND STAR on the song’s success, Kingdom, who is signed to Universal Records, said that her music, while not the norm in Jamaica, is connecting with people because it gives them something to think about.

“I’m just really humbled to know that my music and visuals are connecting with people. My songs and videos are not what might be considered normal output from a Jamaican artiste, it’s kind of left field. So for people to be drawn to it is really encouraging for me,” she said.

Best You Ever Had is the fourth song on the Wull On visual EP. We dropped each chapter and let the EP unfold song by song, video by video, in an unconventional manner. Me and Julian (Jones-Griffiths), my manager, are taking our time about how we roll out the content. We have our plan, and we are executing it.”

From the get-go, Kingdom set out to rock the local music scene, announcing that she would be releasing a visual EP. A visual EP tells a story by releasing music videos for all songs on the project. Speaking about the story behind the EP, Kingdom said that she had a message to send and believes she has accomplished that.

“It’s an ongoing story and B.Y.E.H is the final piece in the storyline. I would rather people get from it what they want, but it represents emotional struggle, a battle with conscience, being haunted by past experiences and mistakes, but ultimately finding peace and redemption,” she said.

“I want to acknowledge my producer Jaxx, who has done an incredible job on BYEH and all my singles, except Wull On, which was produced by Birch. It’s amazing to have someone so talented who can help bring your creative vision to reality.”

Now that Kingdom is being hailed as potentially being Jamaica’s next big thing in music, the pressure may be on for her to live up to expectations, but she said that she will be taking things one step at a time.

“Me and Julian, my manager, want to maintain a level of quality and creativity, so if anything, we pressure ourselves to make great art first and foremost. I’m conscious that more eyes are maybe on me now, but seeing how people are feeling my music and the videos just inspires me to reach greater heights,” she said.

Source: J’cans are intrigued by my style – Jada Kingdom | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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