Jah Cure Apologize After Getting Backlash For This Viral Video

Jah Cure has issued an apology to disc jockeys after getting a backlash over a video posted on social media.

The reggae singer is getting some heat for the below video where he pretty much told sound system selectors one of the worst things you can tell any Jamaican. On Tuesday, a video of Jah Cure went viral on social media showing him telling disc jockeys and sound system selectors to “s**k unnu mother.” The harsh words from the Cure hasn’t gone down well with selectors and even some reggae fans.

“Me name Jah Cure me rich, more than three-quarter a your friend them in a the industry,” Jah Cure said in the video. “Pu**y me no need dubplate money to live.” The backlash was swift from Tony Matterhorn, Foota Hype, and some of the other well known selectors in the reggae/dancehall industry.

Jah Cure has released a statement apologizing for the video and letting his fans know that he will just focus on making good music. “I would like to apologize to my fans, friends and family,” Cure said. “I am human and like many others, I’ve been dealing with so many various issues in this thing we call life and I let it get the best of me.”

Jah Cure posted another video where he called the selectors involved in the sound clash business “waste men.” Seems the singer has some major issues with sound system selectors or one of them may have rubbed him the wrong way.

“To the Djs and fans that have supported me over the years I apologize for the language, unwarranted accusations and the things said,” Cure added in his statement. “I realise it was over the top and unnecessary…. I took the actions and words of a few and shifted it to many.”

Source: Jah Cure Apologize After Getting Backlash For This Viral Video – Urban Islandz

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