Is This Christopher Martin’s Grandmother Homeless In Kingston?

Christopher Martin is getting some bad press this week after a video went viral.

A woman on Facebook, name withheld because she is getting some backlash, posted a video of an elderly woman who claimed that she is Christopher Martin’s grandmother. The elder woman was captured on a cellphone camera taking handouts from the person who shot the video. The female, who is popular on social media, wrote that she is in tears just seeing the reggae/dancehall singer’s grandmother living on the streets.

She has since received some heavy backlash from Christopher Martin’s fans who accused her of seeking attention by slandering the artist’s name. One user wrote that Martin had given his grandmother the option to live with him but she refused.

“Trying to do good and it end up turn out to be bad,” the female who posted the video wrote on Facebook after deleting the video. “I am literally writing with tears in my eyes… Because ppl are so negative.. I heard something and I simple ask a f**king question and because this guys is famous and am not ppl are gonna behave like am doing something wrong… I am young. I could use my money to buy bleaching cream, false hair, makeup clothes etc. But no I chose to help ppl I don’t even know… And it turn out to be bad.”

Here is the video at the center of the controversy.

Source: Is This Christopher Martin’s Grandmother Homeless In Kingston? – Urban Islandz

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