Barrington Levy Previews The “Virus” Song That Caused The Controversy

Barrington Levy reggae singerBarrington Levy gave us a preview of the “Virus” song that leads to his infamous PR stung.

Last week, Barrington Levy posted a video on social media telling his fans that he has “a virus.” At the time, he didn’t elaborate further leaving his fans worrying about his health with some folks even concluding that he has HIV. Turns out that was just a publicity stunt to drum up attention for the upcoming release of his new single “Love Virus.”

The reggae/dancehall legend posted a preview of the new single and we’re also told that he is working on a major project. “This is it the #VIRUS I have so I want you all to help me spread this virus across the world can you Do it do you want to help?” Levy wrote.

During a radio interview last week on his Roses FM station, Barrington Levy says he is not suffering from any form of life-threatening virus or illness. “I did not tell anybody that I have aids or any form of virus,” the singer said. “The virus that I have people have it twisted and they didn’t ask the question what type of virus… well they asked but I couldn’t answer because there were so many questions.”

Source: Barrington Levy Previews The “Virus” Song That Caused The Controversy – Urban Islandz

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