Romain Virgo Tops Billboard Chart with “Love Sick”

Romain Virgo’s “Love Sick” album debuted number 1 on the Billboard. He spoke about his career in the music business recently when he was interviewed on radio. The Jamaican Rising Star winner is grateful to God and the team he has around him for his success. He still wants to make his mother proud and will not sing songs that she would not approve of.

When he was asked about the relationship between himself and Christopher Martin, who is the next Rising Star winner. He said they lived together like brothers, they even did a song together and he does not like to see entertainers fighting against each other; he thinks that kind of behavior will ruin the music industry. When artistes unite and make music together the songs are much better he believes.

He has been touring and promoting his “Love Sick” album in Europe, Switzerland, Germany and Holland. He likes seeing how much his music is appreciated in those places. He talks about trying to please Jamaicans and believing that if he could please them, he could easily please foreigners, as Jamaicans are hard to please.

He revealed that the “Love Sick:” album was in the pipeline for many years, but he waited on VP records to put it out when they were ready, and now he thinks it came out at the right time and it is doing well.
He believes that hard work always pays off, so he is determined to put out more songs as much as he can, as he never knows which one will be a hit song.
He is really making Jamaica proud and we hope he will continue going places and doing well.

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