Five Questions With Pamputtae

When she is on stage or around a microphone, dancehall artiste Pamputtae is a hardcore, raunchy and straight-talking dancehall diva. However, when she is not up to her dancehall antics, she is simply Eveana Henry a devoted mother and family-oriented woman. Here’s a look at the softer, more delicate side of Pamputtae. This is Five Questions With … Pamputtae.

What would people be surprised to know about you?

“Because people are used to Pamputtae and how she is, they always think I’m rough. Those who really know me, though, know I’m a soft person. I’m very emotional, I cry easily, but to how me gwaan on stage, a lot of people wouldn’t guess that.”

What is Pamputtae like as a mother?

“The motherhood thing, me nuh play wid . I talk to my children a lot because with my job, I have to let them know what’s up. Sometimes I have to leave and go away to work, and so I have to explain to them that this is what mommy has to do, this is what put food on the table. I tell them that work will take such and such a time, and when I’m away, I ensure that I correspond with them and keep in touch.

When I have my free time and I’m not doing any shows or going to the studio, I spend every moment with them. We play, go out, and mi mek dem know say me love dem. I know how to balance di thing.”

What do you think about the dancehall space and how open it is to women?

“The dancehall space open, and the females a do dem thing, but they are still not getting the recognition they deserve.

Right now, music is not even about talent again, it’s about who you know and who know you.

There is a lot of politics in the business right now and it’s all about the links and friends.”

Are there any musical goals you hope to accomplish in the near future? Where do you see your career in the next five years?

“Honestly, I just work, pray and slay. Anywhere the Almighty put me, a deh so it deh because sometimes you will kill up yourself to do certain things and go certain places, and is not that Father God have in store for you, him have something better.

I don’t worry about anything in my career. I just work, be myself and leave it to God. I don’t grudge people or talk down people either because we all have our different struggles on our journeys.”

If you could change one thing about the industry, what would it be?

“I would change things back to the days when it was about talent.

As I said, music is politics now and I know it will be hard to change, and it probably won’t, but if I could change anything it would be so that real talent can get a chance to shine again.”

Source: Five Questions with Pamputtae | Entertainment | Jamaica Gleaner

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