Tifa Happy To Complete 5 Year Long Court Case

Female dancehall artiste is giving thanks to god after recently completing a court case that’s been on going for 5 years, the court proceedings took place in New York. While not giving much details on the matter Tifa took to her social network to express her relief and give thanks to her attorney Valerie A. Grey.Tifa Said “For the last 5 years I’ve been locked down with a case inside the New York Supreme Court. Because of a Talent God gave me. Yup! Music! It’s been emotionally & financially draining! But me hold it like a G! & I’m so happy it’s over. A lot of times us as artistes go through some deep things that the fans/public don’t ever get to see or know. Or don’t understand why they can see or hear from us. This artiste life ain’t easy & we suffer a lot in silence. Anyways! Cheers to life! & the future! Glory be to God!”.

Source: Tifa happy to complete 5 year long Court Case | | yardhype.com

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