Pamputtae Eyes Latin Market

“Nobody saw it coming for Charly Black, so maybe it will be the same for me.”

Those were sentiments expressed by dancehall artiste Pamputtae, as she revealed interests in taking her music to the Latin market.

The entertainer made the revelation as she disclosed that her song Sticky Whine would be remixed by Mexican reggae artiste Jah Fabio.

Pamputtae told THE WEEKEND STAR that she had no idea her music was making such a huge impact in the Latin market until Fabio reached out to her and asked to do a remix of the song, stating that it was very popular in his part of the world.

“Him reveal say him follow me a lot, but I didn’t even know I had such a big presence over there. Di people dem love the work, the dancehall vibe, and everything. Him (Fabio) say dem over there talking about Sticky Whine and say the song a gwaan good,” she said. “He got in touch with me through a friend of mine. Him decide say him wah work wid me and do a remix; him sing the chorus and me do the verses. Some of it him sing in Spanish, and some in English.”


Pamputtae said that fans should look out for it in the coming months.

She said that after a good showing in 2017, she expects to continue growing, perhaps in the Latin market, in 2018.

“It is a blessing when your music gets to other entertainers and they want to work with you, especially those outside of your country. Everybody blessing come different innu. Some people own come in Jamaica, and others come outside of Jamaica in some places where you never even know people would know dancehall,” she said. “It’s just one step at a time for me, but now that I know the Spanish market love me work so much, I’m going to do more work in that market. Me just a gwaan work, pray, and slay.”

Pamputtae said that for now, she is focusing on promoting songs from last year.

But Pamputtae did reveal that her fans can look forward to at least one new song very soon.

The entertainer said that a collaboration between herself and QQ called Lotion is in the works.

Source: Pamputtae eyes Latin market | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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