Five Questions With Charly Black

This week’s five questions with feature highlights the ‘man from Trelawny’, Charly Black. Black made several big moves on the entertainment scene last year, dominating headlines across the globe for becoming a platinum and diamond-selling artiste. He wrapped up an extraordinary year, by signing a recording deal with global powerhouse, Universal records. Now, he looks to further his success in 2018. Here are five questions with Charly Black.

What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

Charly: That I am still humble despite all my success. Remaining humble at all points in your career, is important and people will realise that it is a quality that stands out in me.

As a father, how difficult is it to manage your duties as a dad and a successful career?

Charly: It’s not all that difficult for me. Before I go on tour, I try to explain to them that daddy is working. They’re growing and they’re not stupid, so they know what’s up. But when I’m home in Jamaica, I always try my very best to spend time with them.

What is the one lesson you would want your children to remember you taught them?

Charly: I always teach them not to be a bully. I always tell them to show love, because love will take them through the world. I always want them to remember too that when daddy is missing, there’s a reason and that’s work.

Why do you think the international community has been so attracted to dancehall over the past few years?

Charly: You have to remember that hip hop came from dancehall, reggaeton and afro beats came from dancehall, so naturally, people ago love it. Our genre is important and people appreciate when they get a good song. Nuff a di song dem coming out of Jamaica can’t really pass the airport, so when people get a good song, dem grateful. When they gravitate to a song, it’s over. It nuh matter a which artiste it a come from, whether Jamaica or not. People love good music innu. Look at Rebel Salute wah day, people came out from all over the world to come and enjoy themselves.

Last year was big for Charly Black in terms of achievements. Any pressure to follow up on that success for 2018?

Charly: There won’t be any pressure, because Charly Black is a good writer. I write my own music, I don’t really take songs from people, my pride is high in that way. I have good music coming out and I know my fans and other people who love dancehall, will love the music I’m going to come with. I will keep putting out good products. People can look out for my debut album… I’m so excited about that and the world is waiting on it. No pressure, just good music. One love, one aim, one harmony, team unstoppable.

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