Agent Sasco aka Assassin Dropping New Album In May

Agent Sasco announced he is dropping a new album in May this year.

Sasco, also known in dancehall circles as Assassin, announced that he has been working on a new project. The dancehall legend recently opened his own studio at his home where he has been doing his recording. His last album Theory of Reggaetivity was released in 2016. The project earned Sasco a lot of respect for its quality and depth. He told that Star that the project started out as a 12-track effort and has grown significantly since then so he is close to finish.

“It started off as a 12-song project and now we’re up to 14 because we start finding some song where we say ‘no we cant leave off dat,’” Sasco said. “We’re close to the finish line and I’m thinking that we should have a solid project for the people.”

If there is any dancehall artist who is deserving of a honorary Grammy award its Agent Sasco. With two decades under his belt in the music business, he has amassed a vast catalog over the years that helped cemented his place as one of the most lyrically acclaimed dancehall artist of all-time.

As for his aspirations of getting a Grammy, Agent Sasco says he is just making music for the fans and if it earned him one of those trophies then its icing on the cake.

Source: Agent Sasco aka Assassin Dropping New Album In May – DancehallHipHop

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