Chronixx Calls For More Positive Songs – Highlights Impact Music Has On Society

On Friday night Chronixx commanded the stage at Mas Camp as the Kingston leg of his Caribbean tour for his Chronolgy album got under way.

The historic night was all about pleasing the scores of fans that turned out to witness him live and in living colour, and that he did. However, the show would not be complete if the Grammy-nominated singer did not ruffle a few feathers with some words of wisdom.

During his set, Chronixx took the time to encourage fellow entertainers to put out positive songs, highlighting the impact music has on society.

“Right now the people of Jamaica need fi hear some things and that’s why you have people like us. Music is a choice and every youth have a choice. You can chose what you want to motivate your actions … whole heap a bredren we have weh drop out last week, the week before, the week before that. Warfare a gwaan inna we place and yet still you have some man who willing fi talk bout how much gun dem buss inna dem tune or whatever, like the killing is a joke thing,” the singer said making reference to artistes.

“Me want to tell the youth dem seh a serious time now, nuh bother wid di joke thing like weh me see some guy a deal wid. Why yuh nuh go lead your own a child astray, yuh nuh have youth? Watch weh yah tell the youth dem inna Jamaica, because destruction we take unnuh, memba dat.”

Alternative route

The entertainer also had a message for the youth of the nation, particularly the ones who feel persuaded to partake in acts of violence.

“You need to come out of the whole vibe of desperation. You are never desperate, you were never poor, you were never a thief, you were never a murderer, you were a pure soul. The purest thing that you can imagine, that’s what you are,” he said as he encouraged them to seek an alternative route.

“Me nuh come yah so fi nuh bag a forward forward and dem thing deh, ’cause me gi my own a self forward when me deh a my yaad … all a who feel like this badness thing is a joke, let me tell you this, thug life is no joke, badness is no joke. Lowe badness. Every badman inna Jamaica get gunshot, everyone from the biggest to the smallest. All who nuh get gunshot deh a prison,” he warned.

Chronixx was in his element on Friday night as he delivered a brilliant two-hour set. Thrilling with a plethora of songs, including They Don’t Know, Smile Jamaica, Likes, Here Comes Trouble, Capture Land and Behind Curtain, the singer took patrons on a memorable musical journey, as he ensured that they got their monies worth and then some.

Essah and Protoje were the other main acts on a night that saw appearances from Mortimer, Lila Ike, Jah9 and Sevana.

Source: Chronixx calls for more positive songs – Highlights impact music has on society | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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