Spice Puts Dancers First

… Releases three videos featuring Team Spice moves

After dropping three music videos on Friday, each featuring moves created by a different member of her Team Spice dancers, Spice is encouraging other dancehall artistes to do more to support dancers through their music.

The visuals for Couple Up, Hooku Wine, and Robot Wine are on the entertainer’s Vevo channel. The dances, which have the same name as the song they are in, were created by Dancing Rebel, TC, and Danger, respectively.

Spice told The STAR that she would rather focus on her dancers and what the videos and songs mean for them than hogging the spotlight. “It’s just a coincidence that my three dancers did three different dance moves, and in support of them, I decided to do three videos,” she explained. “I wanted to drop all three videos at the same time because I didn’t want one to be ahead of the other. I wanted all three dancers to have their shine at the same time.”


Lamenting that music was once the driving force behind the careers of many dancers, the female deejay is hoping that she has started a trend that will see dancers coming to the forefront of dancehall again, with the help of entertainers.

“Dancers play an important part in us (artistes) bettering our craft. Without the dancers our music would not be executed to a wider audience, and that’s why I continue to support my Team Spice dancers and push them to the forefront,” she said. “I would definitely encourage artistes to make music so that dancers can eat too, because they work their butts off at nights to dance to our songs, to push them and to promote them, so we need to support dancers 100 per cent, too.”

The Sheet deejay also thanked those entertainers who are getting a team of dancers on their payroll. “I see a lot of artistes following in my footsteps and I must commend them for following my lead,” she said. “I am the inspiration behind all the dance teams in the streets right now. Recently, many entertainers have been supporting dancers, bringing them on shows and making a weekly salary for them like I do.”

Since their release, the videos have each amassed close to 100,000 views.

Source: Spice puts dancers first | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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