Jesse Royal Gets Featured On Tidal

Reggae artiste Jesse Royal has been enjoying much success in recent weeks.

The singer, who only just released his debut album earlier this month, has already seen that compilation hit the number one spot on the prestigious Billboard Reggae chart. Last week, the album, Lily of Da Valley, bumped out Damian ‘Jr Gong’ Marley’s Stony Hill from the top spot, and remained in the peak position for a second straight week.

Aside from his success on the Billboard charts, the entertainer has also been receiving quite the buzz for being named as the rising artiste of the week on Jay Z’s streaming service, Tidal. As part of being named as the rising artiste of the week, Royal was interviewed and featured on the popular streaming site’s official website.

In the Tidal interview, the artiste shared insight into how the album came about, as well as personal experiences that impacted the overall feel of the 14-track compilation.

“It was a two-year thing. We had a concept for the album. We drafted some ideas. We had some voice memos of ideas we believed were worth this project,” he said. “We just got in the studio and made some music, started with a blank page, really just allowed our creativity to just take control, which may come off as a little bit different or not be perceived as the typical reggae.”


Jesse Royal, who recently lost his mother, told Tidal that her death took quite a toll on him, and expressed that the birth of his daughter was a ‘lifesaver’ for him.

“It was very tricky. I was the happiest I have ever been [having] my first child. I was gearing up to release my first album. And then, out of the blue, that (his mother’s passing). That reminds you that we’re all flesh and bone no matter what. My mother was one of the greatest people in this world, one of the most caring people I’ve ever met. This is the only person I’ve known all my life,” he said.

“And then, this creator was so perfect in his time, that having this daughter, I had no idea she would be my saving grace until she came. My mother passing away was an eye-opener, but my daughter’s birth was a lifesaver for me. Every day is a little bit easier knowing you have somebody else to take care of and be strong for.”

Source: Jesse Royal gets featured on Tidal | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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