Upsetta Records wins with Agent Sasco song

Upsetta Records is upbeat about Agent Sasco’s new record, ‘Winning Right Now’, which has been featured on their latest compilation called the Lion Pride rhythm.

According to Upsetta, who is based overseas, the deejay may have another hit on his hands.

“We absolutely love the concept of Sasco’s song. As soon as we listened to the first take of the song, we knew it had so much potential. But in truth, we also knew the song was much more meaningful and valuable than just another tune we had released. Lyrically and musically, it’s a very powerful, emotional and an inspiring mantra for people,” Upsetta said.

“It is very important for us as individuals to have such positive messages and reminders in our lives, especially in these trying times. Also, two of us here at Upsetta – Original King and Dubee – are fathers, and so it is very important when we can contribute such vital knowledge and vibes to the youth of the world,” Upsetta said.

Agent Sasco recently launched a campaign on his Instagram page in support of the song and has requested that his fans post inspirational videos which depict why they ought to be considered winners.

extremely professional

Upsetta Records also praised the deejay for his work ethics, especially since he has been promoting the song on his social media pages.

“It has been a blessing, pleasure, and honestly, an honour to work with Assassin (Agent Sasco’s previous stage name). Two of us at Upsetta Records have been selectors for over 20 years, and he has always been a top-rated artiste in our minds and in our record boxes. Throughout the entire process, he and Tara, his PR, have been extremely professional, responsive, and dedicated to help making this tune a success,” Upsetta said.

“Unfortunately, we were not present when he voiced the tune, but we were able to witness much of the process as he streamed some of the voicing session on Instagram live. Since then, he’s been heavily involved in promoting the song on social media and providing positive and creative feedback on the artwork for the single. He is a very grounded and outwardly positive artiste. He clearly works hard, and in the right ways. It’s no wonder he has been called upon by A-list artistes to be part of their music.”

The accompanying music video for Winning Right Now has garnered more than 50,000 views on YouTube. The Lion Pride rhythm was produced by Team Upsetta member Hugo, of Flow Productions. The instrumental was produced in honour of his father, who recently passed away.

Source: Upsetta Records wins with Agent Sasco song

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