“Too Much Favoritism & Buyouts In The Music,” Says Tifa

Dancehall artiste Tifa is calling on promoters and other industry players to keep the music free of bias.Tifa delivered a wonderful performance at Reggae Sumfets dancehall night one last weekend, however, it seems the deejay is not pleased with the time she was given to perform.

According to Tifa she feels the industry is not growing due to favoritism and buyouts.

“Drake and Rihanna have two of the biggest dancehall hits in the world. Me feel like dem (industry players) need fi give artiste dem just and true shine, especially on platforms like these (Sumfest). She reasoned

It is widely accepted that at any stage show or concert the later you perform is an indication of how well you are rated in the business. The prime-time slots highlight your status in dancehall which usually separates the upcoming acts from established entertainers.

Following the show, many fans took to social media to voice their disgust at the time given to Tifa to perform among those are dancehall insider Dj Nicco.

“Unuh gwaan sleep pan her YUH HEAR!… u see cause mi nuh waan loud up the hypocrite them… lemmi catch miself fass… @itsthetifa u and @dingdongravers dealt with Sumfest…. 100% …. I not gonna lie tho… i didn’t like the time slot then give unuh. Let me just stop here. Good. (others gwaan good to but this isn’t about them)” Nicco said in an Instagram post.

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