Reggae Singer Sophia Brown In Baltimore Car Crash Yesterday

Reggae singer Sophia Brown was yesterday involved in a gruesome motor vehicle accident in the U.S., while on her way to perform at the Jamaica Day Reggae Festival in Baltimore.

Brown who was the driver of the vehicle, and was accompanied by her cameraman and make-up artist, said she was on her way to perform at the Jamaica Day Reggae Festival in Baltimore.

In recalling the accident, Brown told The Gleaner, that “while on our way to the festival from the hotel, up on reaching exit 87A all on Baltimore freeway I70, the only thing I can remember is something slammed in the back of our rental car, spinning it out of control across another busy highway and we ended up in a ditch. My videographer got knocked unconscious, my make-up artist Shantal, got thrown forward to the front of the vehicle as I was driving. I didn’t know myself or what just happened, all I knew I was in a ditch. The car was totalled.”

Brown, was told not to perform.

The ‘Give Me That Good Love’ singer, who is currently in the U.S., promoting her latest album, Change, is set to perform tonight in Washington.

Source: Reggae Singer Sophia Brown in Baltimore car crash yesterday | Entertainment | Jamaica Gleaner

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