Popcaan “Vybz Kartel and 99% Of Dancehall Hates Me”

Popcaan thinks that 99% of dancehall artists hates him especially Vybz Kartel and it’s only because he is successful.

The Unruly Boss has been going through a Gaza fallout over the past week after Shawn Storm ousted him as a police informant in a new diss track “No Frauds.” A lot of Gazanation fans have been bashing him on social media and some even threatening the deejay, so clearly he has a lot to get off his chest.

During an interview with Seani B on BBC 1 Xtra radio in the UK, Popcaan says his success earned him a lot of hate. “99% of dancehall artists hate Popcaan because of my talent that the almighty gave me,” Popcaan said. “Popcaan don’t just get up and say things like that, I say things off experience and things that I know.” The dancehall hitmaker then justified why he thinks that it’s 99%.

“Hear why it’s 99% percent because it’s people who played big role in dancehall music like major roles,” he added. “So if like a young artist that is a nobody… because one artist can contribute up to 50% of dancehall music… So a one man can hate where he has 50% of the business or maybe him have 30 or 20 and his 20 counts in his world but not in my world.”

Popcaan also explains that he came from very humble beginnings growing up in the country with his grand mother. He said when he was a no name artist he had many friends but now that he is is a global dancehall star he is facing a lot of hate within the music. “At the end of the day, dancehall artists usually don’t like the ones who are progressive,” Poppy said. “When your on one level you have the most friends in music but when you going up you have less friends.

The “Stray Dog” deejay ended the interview talking about Vybz Kartel and how much he learned from his former mentor. “Since I’ve been around Vybz Kartel like a lot of people use to hate Vybz Kartel but he stayed on top and I learn that from him,” Popcaan explains. “That is why if Vybz Kartel hate Popcaan today I will forever be on top because I learn that from him.”

Source: Popcaan “Vybz Kartel and 99% Of Dancehall Hates Me”

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