Stop Walk Wid A Bag A Man – Artistes Urged To Keep Their Entourages In Check

Artistes are being encouraged to keep their entourages in check. This follows news that popular selector Rolexx was assaulted, allegedly by a member of Aidonia’s entourage at an event earlier this month.

Several industry insiders say they are convinced that most of the unfortunate events involving artistes and some of their followers could be easily avoided if the entertainers would lay out some ground rules for their ‘soldiers’.

Dancehall artiste Razor B told THE STAR that he doesn’t believe an entertainer needs a large entourage to make an impact in the streets.

Protect them

“I personally want to walk around with an entourage of girls. Imagine walking into a party with 50 females. That would look good for any artiste,” he said. “I guess those artistes (who have large entourages) have a lot of enemies so they need to have people around to take the punches and protect them. They (the artistes) need to reason with them (the followers) and state what they can and cannot do because at the end of the day, whatever happens on the streets will be a representation of their brand.”

Popular selector Foota Hype agreed but stated some entertainers will have to learn their lessons the hard way.

“Artistes at a certain level with a certain magnitude of fans or followers can’t control everybody weh rate them and love dem. Sometimes these followers of the artistes or fans of the artistes tend to take up things inna dem own hands because dem want the artiste hear inna di morning say dem loyal to the ting and dem a defend the thing a road,” he said. “Some man don’t even have a number for the artiste enuh, so you can’t even blame the artiste dem too much and say dem nah do enough because it hard fi control.”

Both condemned the assault on Rolexx. Foota warned selectors to be wary as there are still battle lines drawn.

“It only right fi dem be careful cause yuh never know when somebody a go act up cause yuh play somebody weh dem nuh like song. Selectors need to start query when dem a get a booking and what is expected of them, so yuh know wah yah get yourself into so if yuh have any problems yuh lock up the promoter,” he said.

Razor B said no one should tell a selector what, who, or when to play.

“That is what messing up the business because selector cannot tell an artiste what to write or when to sing or which riddim to voice on,” he said.

Source: Stop walk wid a bag a man – artistes urged to keep their entourages in check | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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