Shenseea Responds To Backlash From Vybz Kartel Fans

Shenseea says she is not loosing any sleep over the backlash from Vybz Kartel fans.

The female dancehall newcomer has been getting a lot of backlash from Gazanation fans over the last few days as a result of the “Loodi” controversy. In a surprised moved, Kartel or someone high up on his team uploaded the original solo version of “Loodi” to his Vevo channel on YouTube. The move prompted his fans to attack Shenseea calling her a song thief.

“So everybody is talking about me thief Kartel song so I don’t understand,” she said in a clip uploaded to IG. “I never know that when you modified someone lyrics and put some of your lyrics to it that means you thief the song. I am a writer and of course if someone come to me with a song that they want me to sing of course they can get percentage because the money suppose to share, everybody should eat food.”

Seems she is holding up pretty good, because Vybz Kartel fans have been ripping her. Some folks even went as far as to tell her to “s*ck her mother.” Jamaicans would know the significance of telling someone that, just know its the worst of the worst.

Source: Shenseea Responds To Backlash From Vybz Kartel Fans

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