Konshens Wants Fathers To Support Their Kids

Concerned about the frequent incidents of fathers neglecting their children, dancehall artiste Konshens will be launching an initiative to encourage fathers to stand up to their paternal responsibilities.

The move is inspired by his 2016 single, Original Daddy, which encourages fathers to support their children, not only financially, but also emotionally.

Featured on the Advice rhythm and produced by Dunwell Productions/Subkonshus Music, Original Daddy is one of Konshens’ more popular songs from last year. The accompanying music video that was released two months ago has so far had more than 250,000 views on YouTube.

“We are getting ready to launch a major charity initiative around the Original Daddy song to encourage proper childcare,” said Konshens.


Until the initiative gets off the ground, Konshens is focusing his efforts in promoting a recent remix of his 2016 chart-topping single Bruck Off Yuh Back which features pop/R&B singer Chris Brown.

Konshens explained that Chris Brown had shown liking in the song before he was approached to add his voice.

“My people sent the song to his people, and he already thought it was fire! He sent back his verse not too long after,” Konshens said.

“Most people are losing their minds over it, especially girls that are excited to have two of their favourite artistes on the same track. Some say they prefer the original, and some say Chris shouldn’t attempt to speak patwa. I think the style he chose is great, and people need to relax a little. Us Jamaicans like to think Jamaica is another planet itself and not a part of Earth,” Konshens said jokingly.

The original version of Bruck Off Yuh Back was produced by Christopher Birch and featured on the Moskato rhythm. The remix is produced by Subkonshus Music/Empire Records and mixed by Dunwell Productions.

While not releasing much details, Konshens, who recently signed to Empire Records, has several projects in the pipeline.

Among his newest releases are a video for Do di Work (Chimney Records’ Money House rhythm); Tunnel Vision featuring Ding Dong and Dat You Love (Dunwell Productions); Turn Me On (TJ Records); Right Back (Romeich Records); Eyes on Money (produced by ZJ Sparks); Hard fi Get featuring Shane-O (produced by Anju Blaxx); and Na Na featuring Kosa and Shenseea (produced by Rvssian).

Source: Konshens wants fathers to support their kids | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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