I-Octane Questions His Omission From This Year’s Reggae Sumfest

2017, Reggae Sumfest line-up has been somewhat released, however, there is no I-Octane on the list of performing acts.This has caused the artiste to feel some type of way about his exclusion from this year’s event.

“I have over 50 hit songs in my catalogue. Last year after mi mash up the place, Joe (Sumfest organiser Josef Bogdanovich) hug mi up and seh ‘My youth, yuh a di baddest thing inna music, mi can never leave yu off mi festival’. So what are you going to say this year? Then you are going to tell my team that you are not booking nobody from last year,” I-Octane revealed.

According to The Star I-Octane is skeptical as to whether or not the fact that he has signed Footahype to his label (Conquer the Globe) is a contributing reason for his exclusion.

“The only new persons on it (Sumfest) this year are Alkaline and Mavado. Betta yuh just seh, ‘Dawg, yuh a link wid some people who wi nuh like’. Right now wi nuh know and wi nah rule out no option because I don’t know where this is coming from. Mi nah guh tell lie pon Sumfest,” I-Octane said.

In the meantime, I-Octane is scheduled to perform at several shows across Europe and the United States, including Best of the Best in Miami.

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