Artistes Should Focus On Branding, Says I-Octane

Recording artiste I-Octane says entertainers should place greater focus on branding and aligning with corporate companies.

The artiste. who is the STAR of the Month, said that the need for merging talents with corporate entities is particularly important in an environment where there is declining record sales.

“We as Jamaicans don’t like to brand ourselves. As an artiste sey him a guh brand himself, they start to say dem man deh sell out, dem man deh pants tight, dem man deh locks too neat, and a bag of frivolous things. So it’s clear that we are not understanding the business part of it. So when a next man tries it and gets the full understanding of the business part, it looks strange to your peers,” I-Octane said.

I-Octane currently has endorsement deals with Digicel, Busta, and Golden Eagle. He said acts like Drake and Rihanna have taken their careers to new heights due to collaborations with entities like Apple and Tidal, respectively.

Source: STAR of the Month | Artistes should focus on branding, says I-Octane | Features | Jamaica Star

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