Etana Lauds Decent Men

Etana is acknowledging the role of decent and law-abiding men of society in her latest single My Man .

“I wanted to shed some light on the men doing good for their women and family, men who are loving and caring and not abusive. People often focus on the bad, but we need to elevate, uplift, and encourage the good men out there, because the good men outnumber the men who do wrong… they need to know that we appreciate them,” she said.

My Man is the reggae singer’s first single since her recent release from VP Records. It’s on DJ Frass Records imprint and was released close to two weeks ago.

She explained the idea behind the track.

“When I was getting ready to write the song, Tarrus (Riley)asked me ‘wah would yu man want to hear?’ I said my man would want to know that I honour and appreciate him, and that sentiment is expressed in the song. I also want to counteract the bad that was emerging in Jamaica. I want to uplift and elevate the good side of men,” she said.

Etana said a promotional campaign is planned for My Man.

The singer was a headliner at Dobba Fest held at the KICC grounds in in Nairobi, Kenya, last Saturday. Reggae acts Luciano and Richie Spice were also billed for the show, which was part of a youth initiative organised by Brand Afrika for the government ministry in charge of the Studio Mashinani project.

“I was involved in a couple of youth empowerment music workshops before the show where I planted trees and interacted with the youths; it was a great experience,” she said.

Source: Etana lauds decent men – Entertainment

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