DJ Sunshine Hacked

Popular media personality DJ Sunshine has been hacked by persons unknown, as an email message bearing her name has been sent out to thousands of persons online.

The message, which contains a virus, warns that the Tax Administration of Jamaica is recommending that Jamaicans pay their outstanding warrant bills by 31 March 2017.

“Paying your outstanding warrants are so easy to forget; So therefore we have took it up on ourself to do an announcement,prevent yourself and loved ones from being arrested. Review documents below with the following names and addresses with outstanding warrants,” the email said.

The email has two virus-contaminated attachments so members of the public who got this email are forewarned not to open said files.

When contacted, DJ Sunshine appeared to be in good spirits, despite the breach of her online security.

“I figured that it was because that it is tax time why the hackers attached a warning from the TAJ. At first, I didn’t give it much thought, but since that time, I have taken ‘military action’, the details of which I won’t mention, and just moved on from there,” the Champion Boy producer said.

“But you all better remember to pay  your taxes. A lot of people called me yesterday quite perturbed, maybe they had outstanding tickets but when I told them it was a hack, ‘oh God, were they relieved! But this is a reminder to you all to pay your outstanding tickets,” she added laughing.

Source: DJ Sunshine hacked | Loop News Jamaica

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