Bay-C Burning Up Latin America

After a successful first year for his solo career, Bay-C, formerly of T.O.K, is doing exceptionally well in the Latin market with a sizzling collaboration.

The artiste paired up last year with Latin sensation Lorna for a few singles, including the popular track Bubble Butt produced by noted Panama-based genius, Seven The Producer.

“Lorna is a huge sensation in Panama with her hit song Papichulo, so it’s a big deal to work with her. We have been friends for a long time so once I launched my solo career, she reached out to do the track Love You and the Bubble Butt single came next,” Bay-C shared.

Great rotation

The artiste has seen Love You top a few charts in Panama and received great rotation there. The video was also nominated for several awards in Panama and is also trending in Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Spain.

The Bubble Butt video has also amped the promotion of the song itself. With the latest dancehall moves incorporated into the visuals, the interest has increased specifically with Latin American dancehall lovers.

Even Latin dance crews have posted viral videos to the single. The official video is now available on YouTube.

Bay-C has also dropped reggae tracks like Better Must Come, Talking Blues, and Foundation. He has also put out street singles like Bad Anyweh and Fearless, and party tracks like Come Let Me, Car Sexy featuring Esco and Pop Bottles for Supahype’s UFO Miles rhythm.

“It’s a musical attack, I record new singles every day so there is a lot of unreleased tracks ready to be heard. I want to put it all out there so the DJs and music lovers get to hear and enjoy the genre,” Bay-C added.

Source: Bay-C burning up Latin America | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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