Kiprich, Benji Hype Boosted By Sturridge Endorsement

Dancehall artistes Kiprich and Benji Hype got a big boost last week when Liverpool Football Club forward Daniel Sturridge posted their new reggae single, ‘My Loss’ to his Instagram page.

Sturridge has 2.9 million followers and the video was played 79,000 times in a 24 hour period.

“I feel really great that the baller posted the video to his page, it gave the video a great boost, I got some more followers on IG, and the spins went up by 78,000. I see that the song is taking off in Europe, a deejay from Spain remixed the song already so it is a great look,” Kiprich said.

The song is co-produced by the House a Stars and Stur Class labels, and  features sparkling vocals from Kiprich and gruff vocals from deejay Benji Hype. The single is fast becoming a favourite dancehall anthem of women who feel that they are undervalued by men in their relationships.

“The feedback from the streets has been great. Foota Hype drop the song the other night at Boasy Tuesdays and it was pandemonium inna the dance, it pull up fi about 20 minutes. The following day, the video all over Snapchat and Instagram, crazy girl ah post the song and ah talk up bear tings,” Benji Hype said.

After the Sturridge posting, a number of cable stations have been requesting the video, which premiered on several cable TV last week.

“People are loving the video. It was shot in New York, and there is a cameo from Foota Hype in it, where he says ‘yu caan trust brown gal’, and I know that people are going to enjoy that scene. The video is beautifully shot, the scenes are great, and it’s a wonderful song,” KipRich said.

Kiprich is known for the hit songs, Telephone Ting, Babymama Drama and The Letter which deal with relationships. He wrote Elephant Man’s hit Jook Gal and was featured on the remix of the song, which peaked at number 20 on the Billboard R&B/ Hip-Hop Chart. The newcomer, Benji Hype is known for the single, Google Badmind, a diss song directed at Khago.

“We are going all out with the promotion of this song because the feedback in markets such as the Caribbean, Africa and South America has been great so far,” Kiprich said.

Source: Kiprich, Benji Hype boosted by Sturridge endorsement | Loop News Jamaica

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