Katy Perry Is Back With A Vengeance: Reggae Flavored “Chained to the Rhythm” Is YUGE

Missing Katy Perry? Well, she’s back, she’s blonde, and she’s got a great new single just in time for the Grammys. It’s also a political song– we’ll see if anyone gets that from the lyrics (which you can read in the video).

“Chained to the Rhythm” features Skip Marley, grandson of Bob, adding a reggae flavor to a cool hit that should play on the top of the charts for week. Smartly, Katy has gone in the direction of Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling”– her song is euphoric and fun. It has “the sound of triumph,” too– something a wise man once told me about hit records.

Songwriting credit goes to Katy with Max Martin and Sia. Whoever wrote that refrain “Turn it up, it’s your favorite song” is a genius. Because everyone will turn it up at that point, and then you hear the payoff– she’s telling you to turn it up to ignore what’s going on around us. It’s ironic and a warning and playful. Very very clever.

Source: Katy Perry Is Back with a Vengeance: Reggae Flavored “Chained to the Rhythm” is YUGE | Showbiz411

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